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 We are committed to providing you with access to the best possible publishing and printing solutions within Australia.  All Fully Guaranteed. New self-publishing authors are fully supported.

View the easy step by step process below

1. The Preliminary Information

Read all the self-publishing e-steps.

Just a few questions required to determine your book specifications and the services you need etc. Call us so we can best assess your requirements.

Complete the ‘book publishing quote request form’ online, attend in person by interview or telephone us for this initial no-obligation requirement.


2. Welcome Package and Handy Hints

Next, you will receive a welcome pack that includes extra information on how to self publish as well as a few simple forms such as ISBN and CiP registrations.


3. Your Manuscript

We may offer you suggestions for writing your manuscript.

If you are worried about your manuscript, we can offer appraisal services that provide you with professional feedback. Also, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the story and character development, as well as the style and content. A manuscript appraisal will ensure your manuscript will be ready to self-publish with a professional edge.

These forms enable us to work with you on your files, personally and professionally.

You will then receive a preliminary quote based on your selections.


4. Proofreading and Editing

As with any book publishing venture, this is an essential step for all manuscripts.  If you choose to do this for yourself, note that it is vital to have some time between writing and editing.  The appraisal will help to provide some objectivity in looking at your work.  However, it is always advisable to get someone else to look over your written work.

If you don’t have someone in mind, a family member or a friend, and you want to ensure professional attention to your work – we can provide this service for you.

Remember a finely polished manuscript has a higher chance of success.


5. Choosing the book size and binding options

Firstly do some research to determine your book size and binding options. Have a look at your favourite bookstore or on your bookshelf for ideas. We are happy to advise of the most cost-effective and durable options.

Next, you will need to know the number of books you require to be printed and decide on some marketing options, perhaps. We are happy to advise you of the most cost-effective process for your specific needs

Time to use our adjustment option to lock in your quote. Any changes required to page count book type etc. advise us.



6. Cover Design & Formatting

Despite the old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, it is essential to note that cover design is crucial in ensuring a professional-looking book. Most importantly, a good cover increases your ability to market your book and achieve higher sales.

Inside your book, correct formatting can be quite tricky. Margins, chapter headings, page numbers, justifications, drop caps, spacing, fonts and indenting are all aspects with which you will need to be familiar.

You can take advantage of our cover design and formatting services; we have the expertise to sort out all the tricks and glitches that can arise.

Our designers can also help you achieve your book cover vision. Even if you have already got a cover design, we can help you transfer or recreate this in a professional design program.

Our designer will send you a PDF format of your manuscript in sections. PDFs allow you to approve the layout within the first few pages.

Your welcome package includes a design form for you to complete. Complete the form then return it. We will work with you to create a stunning book cover.

Please note: If you do not select our book formatting service along your journey to self-publish, we must have your full, completed manuscript, formatted and ready for print. If you are not selecting our formatting services, the file needs to be sent to us in PDF, Microsoft Word, Publisher or another format, which we can access.


7. ISBN and CiP services

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 13 – digit number that identifies books or book-like products that are published internationally. It supports efficient marketing of the product by booksellers, libraries, wholesalers and distributors.


8. Proof copy

After approving the files, your book (unbound but printed) will be delivered to you.

The next step is for you to check this proof copy and if necessary, make any required changes. A second proof copy can be sent to ensure you are 100% happy.


9. Book Printing

Once you have approved your book proof, you will receive your new books usually within a few weeks.

All books are guaranteed for binding quality and are delivered to your nominated address.


10. Marketing

When embarking on your vision to self publish, you can’t ignore the essential need to market your work.

At the end of the day, how can you not realize your dream with all that we have to offer!

Self Publishing Success

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