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In this new age of technology, we increasingly rely on multimedia to inform us of new products and services. One suggestion is that you create videos to help in the promotion of your published work. The first is a video author interview. It should be no more than five minutes in length, and well-edited and filmed, as a lousy production will distract the viewer and they will click away. You may be asking how this works, and the best example I can give you is a personal story. I was never a fan of war movies, and around 15 years ago, I randomly switched on an interview with Steven Spielberg before the release of Saving Private Ryan. I never knew he had family that were impacted by the Holocaust of World War II. I found the interview moving and looked at Spielberg in a different light. He had become more ‘human’, and this encouraged me to pay my entry fee and go to see Saving Private Ryan. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have since watched any movie made about World War II. An author will achieve a similar result. You will become a relatable entity to your potential customer. As a self-published author, you are not only selling your book but also yourself as an author, and this interview easily achieves this on a platform open to millions of people.

Customers who watch a video about any product will be more encouraged to buy. Television advertising has such a massive impact, and it is also why authors need to begin developing their video promotional tools.  Videos can be one of the best new ways to create the kind of buzz that attracts readers and sales. This new approach is part of the ongoing change in the industry’s aggressive efforts to sell books.

As self-published authors, there is no denying that the old ways of marketing books have become expensive and obsolete. Especially in the current economy and declining retail sales in all sectors, so developing these innovative ways to promote and sell is a good thing.

A 60-second video book trailer would also assist in heightening the book’s profile and increasing sales.  A book trailer is similar to a movie trailer, produced to tease people into purchasing your book.  A trailer can be generated via still images, voice-over, stock footage, or even live-action, depending on your budget.  These videos are a great addition to your website and other online mediums such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more.  Market your website and videos through your social networking profiles, email lists, author groups, YouTube, and other online video sites.  Try and maximise exposure this way, as these are the most economical ways to reach the global audience.  Don’t attempt these videos by yourself, as a substandard product can do your promotional activity more harm than good.


At the end of the day, how can you not realize your dream with all that we have to offer!

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