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Marketing is the process of enticing potential customers to take an interest in your products and/or services.  Your customers may include readers, wholesalers, – e.g. bookstores and specialty stores – Anyone who buys the book from you at a discount and on-sells it, family and friends, publishers, even literary agents. Create awareness is the key point here.  Creating awareness requires time.  Your profile needs to be out there, which will, in turn, increase the sales of your book. Have confidence in your product.  Your customers…

Video Marketing

In this new age of technology, we increasingly rely on multimedia to inform us of new products and services. One suggestion is that you create videos to help in the promotion of your published work. The first is a video author interview. It should be no more than five minutes in length and well-edited and filmed, as a lousy production will distract the viewer, and they will click away. You may be asking how this works, and the best example I can give you is…

Financial Forecasts

Marketing with Angel Key Publications

The lack of planning and control of cash resources is often the reason for your book sales/business failure. However, good forecasting can more than help reduce your business risk on the whole. Consider this a map helping you plan a long road trip. A financial forecast (i.e. budget, cash flow, business plan) enables you to achieve your goals and get your book sales to where you need them. A financial forecast is a tool that allows you to use your resources where needed. You have…

Book Title Sheet

 Book Title Sheet Designate a certain amount of promotional copies that you will use to solicit reviews, gain interest from retailers and distributors, and even give away as part of a promotional tool.  However, you want to keep this to a minimum and build enthusiasm for the book from samples and online tools. Even when you wish to wander over to the local independent bookstore, let the manager know you have published a book. You primarily need to present a Book Title Information Sheet rather…

Online Selling Channels

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Online Selling Channels There are many online selling channels where you can promote and sell your published work, and you should consider all. The big ones like Amazon (POD Printing), Google Books, Book Depository and Goodreads are useful when building a noticeable international presence. Research the distribution terms for each; they will have varying percentages needed for sales; fulfilment terms (stock on hand) will also differ. Websites Generating traffic to your links is one of the hardest things to do when creating a website or…

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