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Social Networking

Self Publishing and General Business – Social Networking Take advantage of social media.  As with your book and the staged marketing campaign, building and maintaining updates, posts, and growing your community of followers is essential.  Another part of the national and international growth and success of the book. Don’t underestimate it, but, don’t be daunted if this is a new area for you, as it doesn’t take long to learn and understand and it can be fun. Social networking has become an everyday moment for…

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Book Marketing

Marketing is the process of enticing potential customers to take an interest in your products and/or services.  Your customers may include readers, wholesalers – e.g., bookstores and specialty stores – anyone who buys the book from you at a discount and on-sells it, family and friends, publishers even literary agents. Create awareness is the key point here.  Creating awareness requires time.  Your profile needs to be out there which will, in turn, increase the sales of your book. Have confidence in your product.  Your customers…

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Marketing Plan

THE IMPORTANT MARKETING PLAN Developing a marketing plan for a published book or any business A marketing plan is a business development document designed to help you identify and plan out the actual activities that will promote and sell a product or service.  It is a crucial planning tool that provides focus and check-list type clarity.  Marketing programmes attempted without the backup of a proper plan, often fall victim to an unstructured, ad-hoc approach and money down the drain. How are you going to sell…

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Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

Which is Better? These days, book authors have a lot of choices if they want to publish their book.   Besides traditional publishing, self-publishing is being widely embraced and is getting more popular.  There were reports that many publishing companies have reduced the number of books they published. Love of Books can assist you to self publish your new book with ease. In a post at back in April 2010, 76% of all the books released in 2009 were said to have been self-published….

Book Publishing Process Summary

BECOMING A PUBLISHED AUTHOR IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK Is that inner desire to publish a manuscript begging to be let out of the drawer overtaking yet?  Book Publishing Australia is eager to help you reach a global audience. Book Publishing Australia is a support and information site. We direct you to services that offer a diverse range of specialized services. Such as manuscript appraisals, editing and proofreading, book formatting and typesetting, printing, cover designs and book marketing to ensure every writer has self publishing…

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Financial Forecasts

The lack of planning and control of cash resources is the reason often given for the failure with your book sales and or business. However, good forecasting can more than help reduce your business risk on the whole. Consider this like a map helps you plan a long road trip. A financial forecast (often called a cash budget, cash flow, or financial plan) helps you achieve your goals and get your book sales to where you want them to be. A financial forecast is a…

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Online Selling Channels

Online Selling Channels There is a multitude of online selling channels where you can promote and sell your published work and all should be considered.  Obviously the big ones like Amazon (see POD Printing), Google Books, Book Depository and Goodreads are all very effective when building a noticeable international presence. Make sure you research the distribution terms for each, as they will have varying percentages they will want for a sale, their fulfilment terms (meaning stock on hand) will also differ from each other. Websites…

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